Jeremy Corbyn promises 'massive investment' in Scotland if Labour win election

13 November 2019, 08:13

Jeremy Corbyn speaks during an event in Blackpool
Jeremy Corbyn speaks during an event in Blackpool. Picture: PA

By Megan White

Jeremy Corbyn has promised “massive investment” in Scotland if his party win the General Election.

The Labour leader, who is embarking on a two-day tour of the country, said his rivals had neither the "ideas" nor the "will" to transform Scotland for the better.

Ahead of his visit, Mr Corbyn said voters had a "once-in-a-generation chance" to transform the country as he outlined his promise to deliver a second Brexit referendum and provide more funding for public services.

He said: "A UK Labour government will provide the massive investment Scotland deserves.

"We will build the homes people need and end homelessness, tackle the climate emergency, provide a social care system that gives dignity to our older people and the carers who look after them, end child poverty and end fuel poverty.

"The SNP and the Tories have neither the ideas or the will to transform Scotland for the better, so are hiding from their records in government.

"This is a once-in-a-generation chance to transform Scotland and the whole UK. When Labour wins, Scotland wins."

But the SNP's David Linden said only his party could beat the Tories and help to "lock Boris Johnson out of Downing Street".

"Labour have nothing positive to offer Scotland, and a vote for them in some places would only help the Tories.

"Jeremy Corbyn's failure to properly oppose Brexit is set to hit them hard in Scotland, where the remain vote has only strengthened since 2016.

“And nothing he says or does on his visit to Scotland can mask that failure.

"Only a vote for the SNP is a vote to escape Brexit and to put Scotland's future in Scotland's hands - not Boris Johnson's - by giving the country the choice of a better future with independence."

Boris Johnson will visit an electric vehicle manufacturer in the West Midlands on Wednesday, and is expected to say: “At this election, the country can either move forwards with policies that will deliver years of growth and prosperity, or it can disappear into an intellectual cul-de-sac of far-left Corbynism.

"We can honour the wishes of the people, or else we can waste more time, at the cost of a billion pounds per month, and have two more referendums, one on Scotland and one on the EU - an expense of spirit and a waste of shame, more political self-obsession and onanism."

Meanwhile, the Scottish Lib Dems are set to announce their new childcare policy, with leader Willie Rennie revealing plans to provide free childcare from nine-months-old.