Jeremy Corbyn rules out coalition with SNP 'or any other party'

30 October 2019, 19:08

By Megan White

Jeremy Corbyn has ruled out a coalition with “the SNP or any other party” at the upcoming general election.

The Labour leader said there would be £70 billion of investment into Scotland to support services rather than “making a deal” with the party.

He also told LBC’s Lucy Hough that he could grant Scotland a second independence referendum despite not supporting it himself.

Mr Corbyn said: “No, there’s going to be no deal with the SNP and no deal with any other party.

“We will put £70 billion of investment into Scotland and there will be other funding going into Scotland to support services.

“We will not countenance an early referendum in Scotland, that could come much later, only if the Scottish Parliament decided it wanted it because that is what the devolution deal was in 1997.

“But I do not support Scottish independence, I don’t think another referendum is a good idea either.

“I want to get on with improving the lives of people across Scotland, ending austerity and investing in the poorest communities.

“Glasgow, after all, has the shortest life expectancy in the whole country.

“Surely the answer to that isn’t to have another referendum, the answer to that is to invest in housing and public services in Glasgow.”

Ahead of the December 12 general election, Mr Corbyn said he was “very confident” that his party’s anti-austerity message would cut through, and criticised Boris Johnson being “a bit loose with information.”

He added: “I’m very confident, because their spending pledges don’t add up to even the cuts that they have made since 2010 and Boris Johnson seems to be a bit loose with information.

“He announced the day after he became Prime Minister there was going to be 40 hospitals, then there was 20, then it turned out six would get funding for refurbishment.

“Well that’s not a responsible way of doing things.

“We will invest what is necessary in the NHS and likewise in our police and other services.

“They haven’t even covered up for the cuts they made since 2010.”

Mr Corbyn also said he would be “very happy” to debate Mr Johnson on live television, saying he was “very happy to promote Labour’s policies any place, any time – I’m well up for it.”