“May I Have Your Attention Please!” PMQs Interrupted By Mystery Announcement

15 May 2019, 13:47 | Updated: 18 May 2019, 17:12

PMQs was brought to a temporary halt on Wednesday when a loudspeaker announcement interrupted proceedings.

A message about a successful test played out in the House of Commons chamber as a Conservative MP asked Theresa May about bereavement care.

Antoinette Sandbach tried valiantly to continue her question but had to pause as an automated voice said: “May I have your attention, please. The test is now complete."

As MPs erupted into laughter, Speaker John Bercow told Ms Sandbach she had “passed the test with flying colours”.

Antoinette Sandbach was interrupted by a loudspeaker announcement during Wednesday's PMQs
Antoinette Sandbach was interrupted by a loudspeaker announcement during Wednesday's PMQs. Picture: Parli TV

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister was once again called upon to resign by one of her own MPs.

Peter Bone read out a letter from a group of Tory supporters in his Wellingborough constituency who had given him a message to deliver to the Commons.

He said: "They say that her deal is worse than staying in the EU, that they want us to come out now on a no-deal basis, and third, more importantly, they've lost confidence in the Prime Minister and wish her to resign before the European elections.

"Prime Minister, what message do you have to say to these loyal and dedicated Conservatives?"

Mrs May said she thanked all party supporters for their work campaigning and fundraising, and said to those "concerned about delivering Brexit" her Government "wants to deliver Brexit and has been working to deliver Brexit".

The PM added: "Sadly so far, the House of Commons has not found a majority to do that.

"If everybody in the House of Commons had voted along with the Government and the majority of Conservative members of parliament we would already have left the European Union."