Owen Smith's Wife Votes Lib Dem Due To Labour Stance On Brexit

28 May 2019, 16:42

Labour MP Owen Smith told LBC that his wife did not vote Labour in recent EU elections due to the party's stance on Brexit.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari the Labour MP for Pontypridd admitted that his wife voted for the Liberal Democrats.

He said: "My wife voted Liberal Democrat at this election.

"And she did so because she couldn't vote for a Labour party that she felt was not adequately supportive of remain."

Mrs Smith stood for Labour in the 2016 Llantrisant Town By-Election, where she was beaten by an independent candidate.

He went on to say Labour is losing it's "core vote" in constituencies across the country because the party "triangulated and prevaricated" this election.

When Nick Ferrari asked if Mr Smith could count on his wife's vote in the next General Election the MP said: "I'm hoping so."

Earlier on Tuesday it emerged labour former spin doctor Alastair Campbell was been expelled from the Labour Party after he voted Liberal Democrat in the European Elections.

A source close to Jeremy Corbyn said the rules were clear voting for or campaigning for another party was “incompatible” with being a Labour Party member.

In 2016 the Labour Party MP was embroiled in a fresh sexism row after he claimed he had what it took to be Labour leader because he fought off hundreds of schoolmates to "pull" his wife.

LBC understands from a Labour Party source that Mrs Smith will not be expelled from the party