Danny DeVito Claims Boris "Cut From The Same Cloth" As Trump

5 October 2016, 12:52 | Updated: 5 October 2016, 13:11

Hollywood star Danny DeVito compares Boris Johnson to Donald Trump - and not in a favourable way.

The actor was appearing on Radio X's The Chris Moyles Show when he was asked if his path had crossed Donald Trump's.

"We're all kind of messed up, the whole thing," said DeVito, before describing Britain as being "in turmoil" in the wake of Brexit.

"We're in deep deep trouble," the comic star said of the US election.

"We don't have a single person to rely on, basically. Look at the clown act on one side, Donald.

"Our paths crossed once or twice, it's just that he's very self-centred and into his own thing. He does what he does very well, which is alienate."

DeVito then went on to link Trump's behaviour with the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

"They're cut from the same cloth," he said.