Silencing Big Ben Is Not A National Disaster, Says Jeremy Corbyn

16 August 2017, 16:27 | Updated: 22 August 2017, 09:53

Jeremy Corbyn has told LBC it is “not a national disaster” if Big Ben is silenced for four years.

The world famous bell is set to be silenced on Monday to allow repairs to the surrounding Elizabeth Tower.

The House of Commons says the move is necessary to protect workers who are carrying out the renovations.

However, it’s now reconsidering its plan after a number of MPs, including Theresa May, criticised the length of time the works would take.

The Prime Minister said it “can’t be right” the bongs wouldn’t be heard again until 2021.

Mr Corbyn, however, insisted the safety of workers “must come first”.

He told LBC’s Theo Usherwood: “If we have to miss Big Ben in reality for a while so the work can be done, well, it’s something we have to go through.

“It’s not a national disaster or catastrophe.”

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