Why Millennials Are Tired Of The Older Generation Telling Them They've Got It Easy

28 July 2017, 15:41

Momentum's new video has caused quite a stir, with many people slamming Corbyn supporters for its sentiment. But James thinks it's about time people stop criticising Corbynistas - and so does this caller.

The latest video from pro-Corbyn movement Momentum has divided opinion, with many quick to slam to sentiment behind it.

You can watch it here: The Momentum Video Dividing Opinion

The video prompted a discussion on James O'Brien's LBC show about the people supporting Corbyn, with a large majority thought to be millennials.

Alongside this, many of Corbyn's critics are thought to be from the older generation, bitter about supporting the Labour Leader.

But James O'Brien says it's about time we stop criticising impassion, young, Corbynistas. Here's why.

James O'Brien said: "And that's part of the impasse with the older generation that Annie was describing a minute ago, who are still getting their news from the old fashioned sources, the older sources.

"They are not worse, but they're different. And that's why you can still get that ship afloat.

"And you can sort of keep talking about Magic Money trees, and you can keep talking about gullibility, and you can keep talking about impossible to deliver, can't afford it.

"But actually what Millennials hear is people who had free university education, who had access to a really remarkably fair housing market, and who had a career opportunities and career options that offered security and advancement, they're hearing people who had all of those things, tell them that they're gullible and pathetic, and idealistic for wanting something similar for themselves.

"And Jeremy Corbyn, whether he turns out to be the messiah or a very naughty boy, is the first politician they've seen. This is the crying shame of the last 10 years of the Labour Party.

"Ed Miliband I don't think sang from a particularly different hymn sheet, he just didn't cut through. Jeremy Corbyn is the first politician these people have ever seen, who actually says 'you know what, it isn't very fair that people who had all of these things, university education, fair housing market, access to careers, some sort of job security, higher wages'.

"It's not really fair for them to turn around now, and tell you that you're pathetic, you're some sort of unwashed, Glastonbury festival goer, living in a dream world, when you say 'perhaps we could have some of the stuff that you had when you were our age'. Is that it? Have we just unwrapped something there?"

One caller, Adrian, phoned up after this to share his experience. Watch the clip to hear him explain further what he finds frustrating.