John McDonnell Insists Labour's Door Is Open To Theresa May

17 January 2019, 08:16

John McDonnell told LBC that Labour's door is always open to Theresa May - even though Jeremy Corbyn is refusing to engage in talks with the Prime Minister.

Following the crushing defeat of Mrs May's Brexit deal, the Prime Minister revealed she would be speaking to leaders from across parliament in an attempt to find a way forward.

Last night, she revealed she spoke to the leaders of the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party, as well as the Westminster leaders of the SNP and Plaid Cymru.

However, there appears to be confusion around Labour's position. Mr Corbyn is refusing to take part in talks until the Prime Minister rules out a no-deal Brexit.

John McDonnell speaks to LBC
John McDonnell speaks to LBC. Picture: LBC

But yesterday, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell insisted the party is always available for talks. He told LBC: "We've always had that offer. We've had an open door policy to the Prime Minister on any discussions.

"And if you remember, publicly in Jeremy's speech at the Labour Party conference, he made that offer. He put forward proposals and said we were open to discussions."