Watch Diane Abbott Being Forced To Listen To Her Car-Crash Interview

2 May 2017, 15:08 | Updated: 14 November 2017, 11:07

This is the moment Diane Abbott was forced to listen to her excruciating LBC interview - live on TV.

- Diane Abbott's Agonising Interview On LBC Over Police Costing

The Shadow Home Secretary was left red-faced on LBC this morning as she got her costings horribly wrong on Labour's promise to put 10,000 more police officers on the street - claiming that they would only cost £30 each.

The interview became the top story across the country as hundreds of thousands of people watched and shared the car-crash interview.

A few hours later, Ms Abbott appeared on the BBC's Daily Politics, where they played her the agonaising clip from Nick Ferrari At Breakfast this morning.

The ensuing clip was fascinating to watch. See it above now.

Afterward, Ms Abbott insisted that she did know the figures on funding for Labour's policing policy, but simply misspoke.