Stig Grills Far-Right Party Contesting Jo Cox's Seat

19 June 2016, 18:10 | Updated: 12 September 2016, 17:22

Stig Abell grills the chair of Liberty GB - the far right group controversially challenging Jo Cox's seat in Yorkshire.

The far right group is putting forward candidate Jack Buckby, despite every other party withdrawing as a mark of respect for Cox, who was killed last Thursday.

Paul Weston - Liberty GB Chairman, told Stig Abel that Labour had ’blood on it’s hands’ over the death of the MP.

"All Jo Cox and her husband did nothing but exacerbate a very bad situation that already exists."

"Don't you expect though Paul, that your parties type of politicking here, When you say there are no Syrian refuges, when you say there are mosques sprouting like triffids, are exactly the wrong kind of people to be talking at a time when a woman has been killed?" asked Stig.

"You must recognize that people aren't go to go, oh thank god, the Liberty GB party has come on-board to talk about this, they are going to go there is a bunch of daft, racist people who are trying exploit the death of a women aren't they?"