The Funniest Signs From The Donald Trump Protests

13 July 2018, 08:43 | Updated: 13 July 2018, 08:49

The funniest signs at the Donald Trump protest
The funniest signs at the Donald Trump protest. Picture: Getty

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets as Donald Trump arrived in Britain. Here are their most inventive protest signs.

The President is in the UK for a four-day working visit where he is meeting Theresa May and The Queen.

Demonstrators have promised to protest against Trump, with a giant balloon as the President as a baby set to be flown over Parliament.

On Friday, there were an array of protest signs at Regent's Park and Blenheim Palace - here are the funniest signs.

"I am too angry to write a clever sign"
"I am too angry to write a clever sign". Picture: Getty
"Trump Out"
"Trump Out". Picture: Getty
"Where do I start?"
"Where do I start?". Picture: PA
"That hair is a Horcrux"
"That hair is a Horcrux". Picture: Getty
A Trump Venn Diagram
A Trump Venn Diagram. Picture: PA
"Can&squot;t build wall, hands too small"
"Can't build wall, hands too small". Picture: Getty
"Trump For Prison"
"Trump For Prison". Picture: Getty
"You&squot;re Making Our Politicians Look Good!"
"You're Making Our Politicians Look Good!". Picture: Getty
"Build a wall around Trump"
"Build a wall around Trump". Picture: Getty
"Grab her by the......."
"Grab her by the.......". Picture: Getty