How America Will Change If Hillary Clinton Becomes President

8 November 2016, 07:58 | Updated: 8 November 2016, 08:01

As the US goes to the polls, Hillary Clinton has a slight lead in the polls. Here is what could happen if she becomes the first female President of the USA.

Trading With Britain
Barack Obama said that the UK would be at the "back of the queue" after a Brexit vote. Hillary says she's committed to the "special relationship", but is wary of new trade deals unless they create American jobs.

Back to the Cold War?
Hillary Clinton has criticised Vladimir Putin, calling him a bully and someone "you have to stand up to". In turn, Russia has been accused of hacking attacks to undermine the Clinton campaign. Relationships are likely to get frostier.

The Email Scandal
The FBI have said Hillary has no case to answer over the investigation into her email use. But questions will continue into it and it could dog her presidency.

More US involvement In Syria
Hillary Clinton has a more interventionist approach to ISIS than Barack Obama. She has called for more support of ground troops and a 'no-fly zone' - which will anger Russia.

Donald Trump Will Challenge The Result
In the final Presidential Debate, Donald Trump refused to say that he will accept the result if he loses. It's unlikely he could legally challenge the outcome, but what his supporters will do is another question.