Thank you for applauding our NHS and frontline workers

9 April 2020, 07:33 | Updated: 23 April 2020, 20:05

Thank you to our NHS and frontline heroes
Thank you to our NHS and frontline heroes. Picture: LBC

Tonight on LBC, we asked you to join us in saying thank you to the frontline heroes of the battle against coronavirus.

Whilst we’re all doing our bit by staying at home, we took a minute out to applaud those who can't stay home – because they’re out fighting against coronavirus.

Whether it’s those working in the NHS, or any of the key workers keeping the country moving, we want them to know how much the work they’re doing means to us.

So tonight, we thank you for opening your windows, standing on your doorstep and putting your hands together to Applaud The NHS & Our Frontline Heroes.

This is why we wanted you to join us.

Show us videos of your streets on social media - tag us @LBC.