Bus Driver Caught Writing In Notepad During Phone Call Whist Driving Packed Bus

5 March 2019, 13:18 | Updated: 5 March 2019, 13:21

This is the moment a bus driver pulled out a notebook to make notes from a phone call as he drove a bus packed with passengers.

Alarming video footage shows the driver trying to balance his mobile phone, a notebook and a pen on the steering wheel of the bus he was driving as he made notes from a call.

Filmed by one of the passengers, the driver looks down to make notes from somebody speaking to him in a phone call on loudspeaker.

Abbie Laidlaw, who captured the incident on her phone, said that she was surprised he didn't cause an accident.

She wrote on Facebook: "Why did my bus take 1 hour 20 to get from Town to New Lynn when is usually takes 40 minutes? Maybe because the bus driver decided that he’d rather talk on his phone and write some poetry instead of drive. SAFER COMMUNITIES EVERYONE"

A bus driver was caught taking notes from a phone call whilst driving a packed bus
A bus driver was caught taking notes from a phone call whilst driving a packed bus. Picture: Facebook / Annie Laidlaw

In response to the disconcerting video, Aukland Transport said that it had requested an 'urgent investigation', telling the Herald newspaper that "quite simply this behaviour is totally unacceptable and in breach of the road rules".

But Ms Laidlaw told the paper that it wasn't the first time she saw drivers doing similar things while driving.

"Ever since I posted the video, a lot of people have been messaging me telling me it's not the first time they have seen something like this, and nobody reports [the incidents] anymore because they know nothing is going to be done about it."