Could This Ingenious Zebra Crossing Save Pedestrians' Lives?

20 February 2018, 14:56

A fishing village in Iceland have installed an innovative new pedestrian crossing - and it could save people's lives all across the world.

Ísafjörður have created a 3D zebra crossing as a traffic calming measure.

Drivers are expected to slow down as they approach the crossing as it looks as though the stripes are floating in mid-air.

The new 3D zebra crossing
The new 3D zebra crossing. Picture: Cover Images

Ralf Trylla, who is the Icelandic environmental commissioner, pushed through the idea after seeing a similar optical illusion drawn in New Delhi, India.

Some critics worried that the crossing would lead to drivers braking suddenly, but designer Saumya Pandya Thakkar dismissed the idea.

She wrote in a blog: "It does not lead to sudden breaking risks, as on actual spot it is just mild slanting strips with micro 3D effects, mainly considering safety of the drivers."

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