Disabled 85-Year-Old Woman Gets Dragged Across Road By Police During Protest

12 October 2017, 13:50 | Updated: 12 October 2017, 14:47

Footage has emerged of a disabled 85-year-old woman being dragged across a busy road by three police officers during an anti-fracking protest.

Startling video of the incident shows the pensioner being pulled by her shoulders with her heels scraping along the floor.

She had been taking part in an anti-fracking protest at a site in Lancashire when she was forcibly moved by police.

Somebody filming the incident can be heard saying “unbelievable” as a number of officers attempt to lift the elderly woman.

At one point, the pensioner, who is wearing a yellow hat, says to the camera: “I’m so angry”.

She was left with bruises to her shoulder and has struggled to sleep since, according to the Independent.

In a statement given to the paper, a spokesman from the Lancashire Constabulary said: “No complaint has been received about this matter but we will review our tactics, as we constantly do in any event, to ensure we are adhering to best practice.

“If anyone does wish to complain they can do so by visiting our website.”