Driver Filmed Eating “Bacon Sandwich” On Motorway With No Hands On Wheel

20 September 2017, 17:14

A reckless motorist has been filmed driving along the motorway at 50mph with no hands on the wheel, all because he was eating what appeared to be a bacon sandwich.

Motorcyclist Brett Mullineaux captured the shocking moment on his head cam as he rode to work early last week on the M62 just outside Greater Manchester.

The footage shows the hungry traveller eating away in the middle lane with neither hand on the steering wheel.

Meanwhile, his passenger can be seen enjoying his own breakfast as the pair chat away seemingly unfazed by his lack of control over the vehicle.

Mr Mullineaux, 42, was left astonished by what he saw, describing the driver’s actions as “brain-dead”.

He said: “There's a lot of good drivers out there but there are a lot of bad drivers as well. But they just won't learn until it's too late.

"The thing that was so unbelievable is that he had both hands on the sandwich and wasn't even holding the wheel – I have absolutely no idea how he was controlling the car."

The motorcyclist says after spotting the dangerous driver, his aim was to get away from him quickly in case he lost control of the car while concentrating on his breakfast.

He continued: “My instinct there was the same as what it always is in these situations. I try my best to drive on ahead because if they swerve as a result of what they're doing that's it for a motorcyclist.

"He was keeping quite steady but I wanted to get ahead and clear as quickly as possible.”