Fuming Subway Customer Confronts Worker Who “Put Bacon In His Vegetarian Sandwich”

10 May 2018, 15:51 | Updated: 10 May 2018, 15:53

A raging customer stormed behind a Subway counter to confront a worker he claimed mixed bacon with cheese while making a vegetarian sandwich.

Dramatic footage filmed from inside a London branch shows the employee being accused of then trying to hide the evidence behind his back.

The video was recorded by rapper Mic Righteous on Sunday and has been viewed thousands of time on social media.

Subway worker
Picture: Twitter / Micrighteous

It shows him repeatedly asking the employee: “where is the bacon” before dramatically storming behind the counter.

The worker attempts to deny any wrongdoing but the rapper opens a metal drawer under the counter to reveal a piece of bacon.

“I advise anyone that is Muslim, vegetarian or allergic to Bacon to NEVER eat at Subway near to Victoria coach station London,” Righteous wrote on Twitter.

In a statement, a Subway spokesman said: “Serving quality food is our top priority.

“With so many ingredients on display, products may accidentally fall into the wrong container, as happened here.

“The store’s employees have been trained to remove and replace the entire container if this happens."