Hero Samaritan Saves Blind Man From Walking In Front Of Train

16 November 2017, 13:35

This is the incredible moment a hero Samaritan stopped a blind man from being hit by an oncoming train.

The tense CCTV footage shows the man, identified as Mike Wyatt, approach the crossing at the Peoria train station in Aurora, Colorado last week.

Holding a white stick, he appears to be unaware that a train is just seconds away and begins to make his journey across the crossing.

All of a sudden a second man comes into view and pulls Mr Wyatt away from the tracks, stopping him in his path.

An instance later, a train rolls passed and Mr Wyatt can be seen expressing his gratitude.

Eventually he makes it safely across, once the locomotive has safely departed.

Speaking after the event Mr Wyatt told KUSA: “I am so stoked right now thinking that guy is going to come down that ramp.

“It really feels like someone is watching over me.

"I will be always remembering this man and his kindness.”