This Powerful Burger King Advert Will Make You Think Twice About Bullying

19 October 2017, 13:13

Are you more likely to speak up about your food order or a child being bullied? Well, according to this powerful Burger King advert, most would choose the former.

The fast food giant laid on a clever social experiment to show just how unwilling people are to stand up to bullies.

To demonstrate the point, Burger King “bullied” a young school child and one of its Whopper burgers to see which received more complaints.

The company used young actors to play the roles of the bully and victim in the middle of one of its busy restaurants.

In front of real paying customers, a number of bullying events unfold in front of them as they eat their fast-food meals.

And, to “bully” the food, Burger King simply had one of its employees punch them into bits, before wrapping them up and handing to them customers.

Astonishingly 95 per cent of customers reported the damaged food, but only 12 per cent stoop up for the student who was being bullied.

But, there are some heartwarming moments in the video which you can watch at the top of this page.