WATCH: Door Flies Off Car In To Path Of Motorists On Busy Carriageway

18 August 2017, 13:57 | Updated: 22 August 2017, 09:52

Dash cam footage captured the staggering moment a door flew off a moving car into the path of fellow motorists.

The startling video shows the wooden panel flying straight towards oncoming traffic on a busy dual carriageway in Devon.

It was filmed by a shocked young couple who were travelling close behind the white Volkswagen Golf on the A380 on Thursday.

In the video, the Golf can be seen overtaking cars and travelling at speed, with the door strapped to its roof.

Suddenly, the vehicle begins to slow down as the wooden door is ripped from the car roof - right into the path of over drivers.

Kelly McIntosh, 34, was in the passenger seat of a nearby vehicle as her partner took evasive action to avoid the debris.

The mother-of-two from Exeter shared the video online to raise awareness after fearing the next incident could be fatal.

She said: “Do you know when you get that feeling something bad is going to happen?

“We could see that the door was loosely tied down with one blue bungee chord and we saw it go into the road.

“That is when the door flew off, over the van and into the river. Part of the roof rack also went into the road and we had to avoid it.

“That van driver is the luckiest person on the planet. We were in absolute fear and looked behind us expecting to see other cars crashing.”

According to the couple the door was made out of wood.

Miss McIntosh added: “I have never seen anything like it”.