Best of 2021: James O'Brien moved by grieving father's response to Cummings' claims

27 December 2021, 12:38

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment in 2021 when James O'Brien was moved by the call of a father who lost his daughter amid the Covid crisis.

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Grieving father John, who lost his daughter Susan in March 2020, called into James' show and gave his response to Dominic Cummings' appearance in front of a select committee in May.

He told James that his daughter is dead "mainly because of the incompetence of [Boris] Johnson and his refusal to accept the serious nature of this pandemic".

Speaking of Dominic Cummings' select committee appearance, he said: "As far as I was concerned, he was telling the truth as he understood it and his truth just by coincidence happens to be my truth, because I've firmly believed from the word go that Johnson never took it seriously."

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