Caller Confronts Sadiq Khan Over Previous Criticism Of Jeremy Corbyn

27 October 2017, 13:31 | Updated: 27 October 2017, 15:11

This is the moment a caller confronted Sadiq Khan over his previous criticism of Jeremy Corbyn.

Barry read out a quote from the London Mayor last year, in which Mr Khan said the Labour leader “failed to show leadership” during the EU referendum.

He also said Mr Corbyn's position on Brexit was "never clear" adding "voters didn't believe him".

So, during a special phone-in on Friday afternoon between the Labour Mayor and Leader, the LBC caller asked Sadiq "were you wrong to say this?"

"Well done," Sadiq responded. “We had a leadership contest in our party and Owen Smith stood against Jeremy.

“And the magnanimity of Jeremy when he defeated Owen was to put him in his shadow cabinet.

The London Mayor added: “Jeremy is not the first Labour leader to give jobs to candidates who stand against him, nor is he the first Labour leader who stands in an election and wins it, and brings onboard his team defeated candidates but those who supported the other candidates.

“If you can’t have frank discussion about the leadership contest, which is something the Tories didn’t do, when can you have a discussion?”

You can watch Jeremy Corbyn's reaction in the clip above.