Caller's Brutal Burn To Man Who Said Women Are Less Intelligent

25 October 2017, 11:50

This LBC caller had a brutal put-down for the previous caller who said that women are partly to blame for being sexually harassed.

Fred in Brixton told Kevin Maguire that women are weaker and less intelligent than men and use their sexuality to try to control men.

He said: "It is sexuality that they use to try to control men. To gain power, but it can also be used to be exploited.

"Men are generally stronger than women and men are generally smarter than women. That is a fact."

Kevin Maguire scoffed at Fred's suggestions
Kevin Maguire scoffed at Fred's suggestions. Picture: LBC

Kevin scoffed as his claim, saying: "No it's not. I know a lot of women who are stronger and smarter than me. I work for some of them."

But it was the next caller who had the best burn for Fred. Alison in Sussex followed him and said: "I can't believe it, is it National Dinosaur Day?

"I'll do my best as a 'mere' woman to answer Fred's claims."