Eight-Year-Old Carer Eden Explains Why You Should Donate To Make Some Noise Day

11 October 2019, 10:58

Eden is just eight years old and cares for her Mum who has a heart condition. She explained to Nick Ferrari how your donations for Make Some Noise Day could make a huge difference to her life.

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Eden is supported by Carers Milton Keynes, one of the amazing small charities that Global's Make Some Noise is supporting this year.

Her mum has Carpenter Syndrome and Eden spends a lot of time caring for her younger sister, helping around the house and making sure mum is okay.

Carers Milton Keynes gives her respite away from her caring role and meet other young carers who share similar responsibilities.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari, she said: "I enjoy helping my mum. It's something that makes me happy.

"Carers Milton Keynes helps me when I need a break. It gives me time away from doing all of this."

Eden gets help from Young Carers MK
Eden gets help from Young Carers MK. Picture: LBC

Bryony Gibbens, who works for Young Carers MK, told Nick Ferrari, they help over 1,000 young carers.

They help arrange trips and help ensure the children do not feel isolated.

She said: "I support young carers from the age of eight all the way up to 25. A young carer is somebody who supports someone at home with either a physical disability, a mental health illness or perhaps a sibling.

"We provide emotional support. Being a young carer can feel very isolating. You are caring for somebody at home and that can feel very lonely.

"We organise trips and activities, going to places for adventure and fun. We also help people with how they are feeling, helping them with the diagnosis for somebody."

It's a wonderful cause that Global's Make Some Noise is helping - please donate if you can.

Donate To Global's Make Some Noise