Rosie Says If It Wasn't For Skylarks Charity, Her Life Would Be "Chaotic"

11 October 2019, 18:59 | Updated: 11 October 2019, 19:10

Rosie, who has autism, a chromosome depletion and is fed via a tube in her tummy tells Eddie in an adorable interview why she loves and depends upon her charity, Skylarks.

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"Skylarks does a lot of things for me, and if it wasn't for Skylarks, it'd be chaotic," said Rosie, aged 14, "All these people out there listening to me, it'd be great to fundraise and get some more things for Skylarks."

Eddie asked how her health has affected how she lives.

Rosie said, referring to her feeding tube: "Well, it's not bad. My tube never gets me down, it never lets me down, it's quite good."

"What's it like eating through a tube?" asked Eddie.

"Nice," said Rosie, "I have all of my milk in my tummy." Her and her mum Sonya then explained how Rosie didn't like the "special milk" she used to have but now has vanilla and strawberry - a lot nicer!

When Rosie isn't at Great Ormond Street, she's at the Skylarks organisation.
When Rosie isn't at Great Ormond Street, she's at the Skylarks organisation. Picture: LBC

Sonya said, "Because Rosie can't taste anything, smell was very important to her." She told Eddie how Rosie has an unsafe swallow, meaning she can't really eat solid foods.

"Skylarks is an amazing place where you walk through the doors and it's nonjudgemental. They're just very welcoming. Rosie can do cooking there, she can do yoga, she has osteo."

Rosie said she liked the sensory room which is a dark and calming room. She said that sometimes she has a bad day where she's "grumpy, angry and worrying about appointments." Sonya pointed out Rosie has a lot of appointments at Great Ormond Street.

"If any of you out there are listening to me, you'll know that Great Ormond Street is the best hospital ever," said Rosie, she then said hello to her grandpa if he was listening.

Eddie said: "We're all listening to you Rosie, you're the only thing anyone's listening to."

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