Jacob Rees-Mogg Takes On Caller Who Accused Him Of Lying

23 October 2017, 09:55 | Updated: 7 November 2017, 14:19

When this caller accused Jacob Rees-Mogg of lying, he had the perfect response.

The Conservative MP was hosting his first ever radio show, standing in for James O'Brien as part of a special Guest Host Week.

And Tony in East Finchley was furious when Mr Rees-Mogg used the phrase "the EU-funded CBI", saying they only account for less than 1% of funding.

But Jacob hit back. When Tony asked why he said it was EU-funded, he responded: "Because it receives money from the EU.

"You don't get money from the EU unless you sign up to a contract saying you won't do anything that damages the reputation of the EU."

Tony insisted: "This isn't true, they get less than 1% from the EU."

But Jacob's point: "So they get money from the EU. What I've said is correct. It's a part of their funding.

"Thank you for making it very clear to all the listeners of LBC that the CBI is funded by the EU. I'm extremely grateful."

Watch the whole of the first how below.