New Windrush Podcast: From The Heart With Floella Benjamin

22 June 2019, 14:54 | Updated: 22 June 2019, 14:56

The new podcast from Baroness Benjamin
The new podcast from Baroness Benjamin. Picture: Global

'From the Heart with Floella Benjamin' is a brand new podcast, launching in honour of Windrush Day and to share Baroness Floella Benjamin's incredible stories of resilience and overcoming adversity.

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The first episode will be dedicated to the first ever Windrush day, and the rest of the mini-series will be exploring topics such as emotional resilience, knowing yourself, and the power of positivity.

Baroness Benjamin made a journey to the United Kingdom as part of the Windrush generation, where she suffered hostility and prejudice for much of her early life. For years she has drawn upon the adversities and difficult experiences of her past, to change public perception and create a better environment for future generations.

Her unbreakable optimism and determination led to the government declaring 22nd June as the official recognition and celebration of the Windrush generation. This marks an important historical moment when the diaspora of West Indians became entwined with Great Britain. Floella has been appointed to be the guest editor of The Big Issue to highlight the story of the Windrush generation and to give hope to future generations, through this podcast and her political and philanthropic work.

On Saturday, Floella will be unveiling the location of a Windrush monument to honour the Windrush generation and the first ever Windrush day.

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