A Disabled Mum Was Pushed Over "By Stampede Of People" In Oxford Street Panic

25 November 2017, 12:55

A distraught daughter told Martin Standford how her disabled mum thought she was "going to be knifed" as people panicked whilst trying to escape Oxford Street.

A daughter told LBC how rumours about why Oxford Circus station was closed created such panic that her disabled mother was thrown to the ground as people tried to escape.

Mimi told LBC's Martin Stanford that her mother, who is disabled, was "overwhelmed by the sudden force of people" running for cover. She was "knocked over, trampled on, bruised and cut". She was unable to get up because her walking stick had been lost in the crush. 

People panic after rumours of a terror attack spread
People panic after rumours of a terror attack spread. Picture: LBC

The shock of the experience meant Mimi's mum passed out from the shock. 

Mimi told LBC that her mum was numb after the experience. 

Whilst Mimi's mum is now ok but a bit "woozy", she did question whether "this needed to happen. Did we need to have all these reactions all over the place?"

Martin ended up by asking how much the false reporting "contribute to the misfortune that befell your mum?"