1922 Committee Secretary Criticises Amber Rudd Over Resignation

8 September 2019, 12:48 | Updated: 8 September 2019, 12:51

Conservative MP Nigel Evans has crticised Amber Rudd alongside her colleagues for undermining the government's Brexit agenda.

The Joint Executive Secretary of the 1922 Committee told LBC that many MPs were surprised that Ms Rudd accepted a position in Boris Johnson's cabinet in the first place.

He said: "Everybody was more surprised that Amber signed up, when we know exactly how she feels about Brexit, she wants to Remain in the European Union and I understand that.

"Why doesn't she used her influence, because a number of these Remainers have lines into the European Union, and instead of just chastising somebody who's only doing what he got elected to do.

"She could use her influence straight into Brussels, why doesn't she talk to people like Michel Barnier and say 'come on guys, step up to the plate, we want to do a deal with you but you've got to come to the dance floor; it take two to tango'"

But Andrew Castle interjected, saying that it's not up to Amber Rudd to negotiate with the EU and are not responsible for her resignation.

It follows the dramatic resignation of Amber Rudd, who has been replaced by Therese Coffey as the Work and Pensions Secretary.