Alastair Campbell attacks Tory MP for leaving UK in 'very bad place' post-Brexit

5 December 2020, 11:49 | Updated: 5 December 2020, 11:51

By Seán Hickey

The former head of communications at Number 10 claims the government's approach to Brexit talks have been disastrous.

"When Boris Johnson and Andrew Bridgen and the rest of them were campaigning for leave four years ago...they made so many promises that haven't materialised," insisted Alastair Campbell.

He told Andrew Castle that despite the Prime Minister speaking to the European Commission President today, there is little to be hopeful for.

"Regardless of what comes out of today...we are in a very, very bad place."

Tony Blair's former adviser told Andrew that the Government has put the British public in a horrendous position to prosper post-Brexit.

"Because people like Andrew Bridgen and Boris Johnson have strung the country along," Mr Campbell insisted, "they've been a pawn in their right-wing ideological games and that is the mess we're now in."

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EC President Ursula Von Der Leyen is set to speak to the PM on Saturday
EC President Ursula Von Der Leyen is set to speak to the PM on Saturday. Picture: PA

Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen was on hand to back up the UK's approach to Brexit thus far: "We promised to take back control of our money our borders and our laws and get Brexit done and that's what we're on the verge of doing."

Andrew reminded the Tory MP that the party "didn't offer an oven ready deal, you said an oven ready deal would be done," questioning Mr Bridgen on why negotiations are at a standstill.

"If it can't be done it's due to the intransigence of the European Union who have made unreasonable demands," Mr Bridgen insisted.

He attacked the EU's stance on fisheries: "Wanting to keep the fish post-Brexit is like renting a house out to someone for 47 years and when they finish the contract... they tell you...we're taking 80% of your garden."

He reminded Andrew that the EU's negotiating stance of wanting the UK to abide by European laws after we leave is "unacceptable."

Mr Bridgen concluded by hinting that the narrative of a stumbling block being hit in negotiations could be a deflection tactic and Boris Joohnson could announce today that the UK has reached an agreement.