"You Blithering Idiots!": Andrew Castle Blasts "Sick" Conservative Attack Ad Against Corbyn

7 September 2019, 09:58

Andrew Castle has attacked the Conservative Party for their social media campaign which depicts Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn in a chicken costume.

The LBC presenter called the stunt "absolute rubbish" and called on the Conservatives to "get on with governing...if you can".

He told listeners: "I thought that was sick. Get on with running the county, get your finger off the computer you absolute blithering idiots and try to run something.

"Listen, I'm no fan of Jeremy Corbyn, but putting him in a chicken suit and sticking him on Twitter...who's got the time for that absolute rubbish?"

"Get on with governing, if you can, either that or vacate."

The tweet was in response to the Labour Leader's refusal to back a general election, which he and other opposition leaders claim is a trap to ensure the UK leaves the EU without a Brexit deal.

It follows a dramatic week for British politics and a number of controversial decisions by the Prime Minister Boris Johnson.