Andrew Berates Clive Lewis For Labour's "Inconsistent" Stance on Syria

8 April 2017, 08:53 | Updated: 8 April 2017, 10:02

There have been conflicting messages from Labour on whether Donald Trump was right to hit Syria, so Andrew Castle looked to the former shadow Defence Secretary for some clarity.

Jeremy Corbyn said the air strike “risks escalating the conflict in Syria”, while his deputy, Tom Watson, told a local paper he backed the military intervention.

So, just what is Labour’s position? That’s the question Andrew put to Clive Lewis on Saturday morning.

“I think what the world wants to see is the solution that was being looked at before, which was we take all of the actors in this and look for a peaceful solution in Syria,” Clive told Andrew.

The Labour MP continued: “Now I know that has been difficult and people will say to me ‘people are dying everyday in Syria’ and it is a blight on humanity’s conscience - that it is.

“All I’m saying is does launching 60 tomahawk missiles at an air base in Syria necessarily mean we’re going to see a peaceful conclusion?”

Andrew was once again quick to point out the apparent difference of opinion within the Opposition party.

“You’ve got Corbyn saying one thing,” the LBC presenter said.

“You’ve got the Shadow Defence Secretary, who took your job, Nia Griffith, saying something completely different, in fact Corbyn disregarded her call to support the action.

“You had Tom Watson who came out and supported the intervention… So once again Clive we have an inconsistency.”

Defending his party, Clive responded: “I think you can see this is an inconsistency which runs throughout the international community and much of the country.

“On an issue like this it’s very difficult.”

Andrew fired in: “Clive, you know what I’m getting at… I want to know what Labour’s policy is as the official Opposition in this country. I want to know if there’s any consistency there.”

Clive hit back, citing a split within the Tories over military intervention in Syria.  

He said: “Crispin Blunt, a Conservative head of a powerful select committee covers issues such as this and has a difference of opinion with the Government.

“He was actually saying is the process that should be followed is through proper international procedure and process and that this may be quite unhelpful.

“So there is a difference of opinion across the House, not just within the Labour party.”

Watch the fiery clash in full above.