Andrew Pierce Demands PM’s EU Advisor Returns £20k Bonus After Salzburg Humiliation

21 September 2018, 18:44

Andrew Pierce has demanded Theresa May’s chief EU civil servant hands back his five-figure bonus following her humiliation in Salzburg.

Olly Robbins received a bonus of £15,000 to £20,000 signed off by the Prime Minister for his Brexit work earlier this year.

He’s the brains behind Mrs May’s Chequers blueprint, which was thrown out by EU leaders on Thursday.

Now, Andrew wants Mr Robbins to hand that money back - and he certainly did not mince his words.

The LBC presenter boomed: “He didn’t deserve it in the first place, she shouldn’t have signed it off in the first place - I thought we were going through a period called austerity?

“I thought there’d been a freeze on public sector pay - if you’re a teacher, a nurse, a doctor you’ll certainly know all about that.

“Yet Mrs May thought it was ok to give Mr Robbins a £20,000 bonus!”