Where Is Our Patriotism? Andrew's Rant About 'Disgraceful' Juncker And Remoaners

6 May 2017, 08:44 | Updated: 6 May 2017, 09:33

"Where is our national pride?" asks Andrew Castle, in this tirade against Jean-Claude Juncker and Britons still complaining about leaving the EU.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker told a conference about the EU in Italy that "English is losing importance in Europe".

The comments come amid tensions with the UK over upcoming Brexit negotiations, calling the UK decision to leave the EU "a tragedy"

He said his speech was in French "because slowly but surely English is losing importance in Europe and also because France has an election".

Juncker's comments really riled Andrew Castle, who in fact voted to Remain. 

The LBC Presenter told his Saturday morning listeners that he's sick of the lack of patriotism from Britons, and that Juncker's comments were 'disgraceful'. 

He said: "We are a permanent member of the UN Security Council, a nuclear power, perhaps the sixth biggest economy in the world. Were we disgraceful to vote out, by the way I voted remain, what were we saying with that? 

"We're saying that the EU is not working, we don't like it, I know it was only 52 / 48, but that's what we voted for.  So why, why do you, British person, hate this country for doing that?  And I'm a person who voted to remain, if I voted again I'm not sure."