"Give Me A Break!" Andrew's Scathing Tirade About Tax Hike

11 March 2017, 11:59 | Updated: 11 March 2017, 17:28

A £215 cap on the cost of executing wills will be increased to £20,000 as part of the new Budget - and Andrew Castle is not happy.

The massive hike in probate fees, outlined in the Budget, will raise £300 million for Treasury coffers.

But the reforms have prompted criticism from MPs, including Conservative backbenchers, who have branded it a "death tax". 

Conservative MP Oliver Colvile told the Daily Mail: “I have real concerns about this. We absolutely do not need a death tax – which is what this sounds like.” 

LBC Presenter Andrew Castle is also unimpressed with the increase, summing up his take on the tax hike on his Saturday morning show.