Angry UKIP Lord: Boris Johnson Does Not Understand The EU

16 September 2017, 10:26

Today Boris Johnson renewed his misleading call for £350m to be spent on the NHS, Lord Pearson said the move "smelled" of a leadership bid.

4,000 words in the Daily Telegraph today are given to Boris Johnson to repeat the Vote Leave claim that Britain will still claw back £350m a week after leaving the EU, with much of that money preferably being spent on the NHS.

Former UKIP leader and supporter of Leave Means Leave Lord Pearson told Andrew Castle that by parroting the "naughty" claim the Foreign Secretary was showing he "does not understand" the EU.

Lord Pearson said: "That's where he's being naughty of course. That's what they implied during the referendum campaign and I and others begged them not to.

"That's the gross figure we give to the EU but they give us back half of it, about £10bn a year.

"I begged them not to use this very misleading £350m a week and Boris is rowing back on that now, but it's not as dishonest as the remainers of course.

"I'm not sure our negotiators, let alone Darling Boris, understand this at all."

Watch the full rant above.