Anna Soubry Condemns Nazi Sautes At Pro-Brexit Rally

8 September 2019, 09:10

The Change UK leader said that Boris Johnson would be "appalled to know" after his supporters were seen raising Nazi salutes at a counter-protest outside Parliament yesterday.

Ms Soubry cancelled her speech at the main pro-EU rally, where she was expected to call for a second referendum, but claims she was too intimidated by far-right activists.

She told LBC: "The first group were a group of people rallying with a set of speakers, including myself, in support of our continued membership of the European Union, for me the only way through the crisis is a People's Vote.

"What had happened was that another very large group of right-wing yellow vests, EDL and others had gathered. At one part of the proceedings they were giving Nazi salutes, and when I arrived they were singing in praise of Boris Johnson.

"I believe that would chill Boris Johnson as well, because rightly he would be appalled to know that that group of fascists who were giving Nazi salutes were also singing his name.

"That is what has happened to British politics since the referendum."

She went on to suggest that the Prime Minister should consider his position and criticised his special advisor Dominic Cummings.

It follows a dramatic week in Westminster, where Boris Johnson sacked 21 Conservative MPs for rebelling against the government on Brexit.