Another national lockdown 'is avoidable', says Shadow Business Minister

29 December 2020, 09:24

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment Shadow Business Minister Lucy Powell told LBC a third national lockdown "is avoidable".

A review which will decide whether more areas will be moved into Tier 4 s expected on December 30, as the new highly infectious variant of coronavirus spreads across the UK and the world.

When asked by Andrew Castle is Labour is calling for a national lockdown, Mrs Powell said: "It's not what we're calling for.

"We thought that this would be avoidable as well if the Government had taken firmer action earlier on in the cycle."

She added: "The rates are rising very fast and it's considerably alarming and again we haven't seen all the SAGE advice on that.

"But we think that a third lockdown isn't inevitable. It was avoidable. It is avoidable if the Government takes the action that it needs to take to bring infection rates down."

More than six million people in east and south-east England went into the highest level of restrictions on Saturday, which now affects 24 million people representing 43% of the population.

Lockdown measures are also in place across the other three home nations, after mainland Scotland entered Level 4 restrictions from Saturday for three weeks, and a similar stay-at-home order is also in place in Wales.

Northern Ireland has also entered a new six-week lockdown, and the first week measures are the toughest yet, with a form of curfew in operation from 8pm, shops closed from that time and all indoor and outdoor gatherings prohibited until 6am.