'Do the right thing!': Andrew Castle's scathing attack on Boris Johnson

5 February 2022, 08:03

By Seán Hickey

The continued fallout from partygate should push the Prime Minister to resign, according to Andrew Castle.

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Pressure is mounting on Boris Johnson to resign as Conservative MPs submit letters of no confidence and many in the Prime Minister's top team walk out, amid a police investigation into lockdown-busting parties in the heart of government.

Andrew Castle reflected on the partygate saga, wondering why the PM hasn't offered his resignation.

"I'm trying to work out why he hasn't gone yet. Can you tell me why he hasn't gone yet?

"Would you have resigned if you were him by now?"

Andrew hit out at the attempts to put accountability on the long finger: "Don't say it was a work do, don't say 'wait for the Sue Gray report' – do the right thing!"

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He went on to dismiss the notion that the media are "drip-feeding" partygate revelations or that "there's some agenda" against government.

Andrew then played Conservative MP Aaron Bell's question to the Prime Minister during the week, where he told the House how his family abided by lockdown rules during his grandmother's funeral.

Feeling the gravity of the problem for Mr Johnson, Andrew concluded: "I know I couldn't stick around in a situation like this."