Brave 39-year-old father that defeated coronavirus shares his story

29 March 2020, 11:37 | Updated: 30 March 2020, 09:50

By Adrian Sherling

By Seán Hickey

Matt joined Andrew Castle on the line as he arrived home from battling coronavirus in hospital.

Andrew naturally wanted to know how Matt found out he caught the virus. He told Andrew how he could feel his breathing deteriorating shortly after his wife recovered from mild symptoms. He recalled that "day by day it got worse" until he struggled to breathe.

Matt told Andrew that once he struggled to catch his breath from coughing his wife took it as an emergency and got an ambulance to take him to ICU.

"I was on as much oxygen as they could throw in me and still couldn't breathe" he remembered. Matt, aged just 39 recalled how scared he was when he felt his breathing decrease.

Andrew wanted to know how nervous Matt was in the hands of the NHS while being treated.

Brave 39 year old father that defeated coronavirus shares his story
Brave 39 year old father that defeated coronavirus shares his story. Picture: PA

Matt was grateful "to have the luxury of a bed" while in hospital and felt blessed to have the treatment of the NHS during his time of need.

Matt also mentioned that he had access to a ventilator to his disposal if he needed it. "The fact I had the option to move on to a ventilator if it got worse was reassuring" he said.

Andrew asked for Matt's opinion on people ignoring social distancing rules, to which e replied that "its an idiotic stupid thing to do" to ignore advice, using himself as an example of someone that is fit and healthy but was struck down by the virus.

You can watch Matt's full interview above.