Brexit Means We Have Ignored Big Issues In Britain, Says Vince Cable

31 December 2018, 09:28

Sir Vince Cable has told LBC that Britain has ignored significant issues in society after being sidetracked by Brexit.

In his new year's message, the Liberal Democrat leader says the UK has 90 days to change the course of the country and is backing a People's Vote on the deal to leave the EU.

But he says he wants to use 2019 to get back to dealing with the problems in the country.

Speaking to Andrew Castle, he said: "First of all, we've got to get this Brexit issue resolved. I think the only sensible way to resolve it is to go back to the public and get them to decide whether they want Theresa May's deal or to Remain in the European Union.

Andrew Castle spoke to Vince Cable
Andrew Castle spoke to Vince Cable. Picture: LBC / PA

"Then we've got to get on with some of these big problems that have just been festering for the last two years and we haven't got around to dealing with.

"For example, the growing problem of homelessness, the funding of schools.

"The worst thing about this whole Brexit episode is that the country has been put on hold and we've got to get around to focusing on these problems."