Brexiteer Explains Why He Wants To Change His Mind With People's Vote

21 July 2018, 16:32

A caller who voted to leave the European Union says he wants an opportunity to 'put his vote right' with a second vote on Brexit.

Stephen told Andrew Castle that leaving the European Union was not worth a 3.5% drop in GDP and loss of jobs as reported when the Government's post-Brexit analysis was leaked.

Having voted to leave the European Union in the referendum, Stephen now believes he should be given a second vote to allow him to 'put things right'.

He said: "Their own analysis shows 2.8 million jobs lost with a hit to the economy of at least 3.6% GDP."

But Andrew Castle said: "These arguments, we're supposed to be in recession already, the project fear thing, it just hasn't transpired as we thought.

"Would be, could be, the fact is we just had the unemployment figures - this week we discovered more people are employed int he UK than ever before."

Andrew Castle
Picture: LBC

But Stephen no longer wants Brexit.

He said: "I voted Brexit, unless there is a second people's vote which gives me a chance to put my vote right - I live in a Labour held, Conservative marginal, but I will not vote for any party that does not offer a people's vote."

When Andrew asked why he was changing his stance, Stephen said: "I'm going off the government's own assessment.

"I really believed I was played the racist card, I had fear of people who came from Poland and so on, that took our jobs, but let me tell you this, it's not worth it, the 2.8 million possible job losses."