Businesses Are More Worried About A Corbyn Government Than Brexit

21 October 2018, 09:03

The momentum for a second referendum is "building and building", Andrew Castle says.

Protest organisers estimate nearly 700,000 people turned out to march for the People's Vote campaign, with more than 100 coaches bringing people to central London from across the country.

"There is certainly a drive, a momentum, a determination for people who wish to have some sort of vote building and building in this country," said Andrew Castle.

"The longer there's a vacuum from the EU, the government, the longer things will seep into it."

Andrew Castle
Andrew Castle. Picture: LBC

"It comes down to you and me, making decisions about whether we are going to purchase a house or a holiday.

"It doesn't have to be these massive companies, but we are all concerned about not just Brexit, but the possibility of a Corbyn government after that - and I swear to god that businesses are more worried about that than any form of Brexit.

"But perhaps i'm subject to project fear."