Caller Admits The UK Is Being Forced To Change Its Decision On Brexit

1 September 2019, 12:31 | Updated: 1 September 2019, 12:36

Chris in Wood Green called in to tell Andrew Castle that the Brexit crisis was the making of the British government, but ended up having to admit that the British people are being forced to change their minds on Brexit by the EU.

Pointing to the backstop, negotiated by Theresa May, Chris stated that the controversial element within the Withdrawal Agreement was the making of the British government.

Theresa May's deal failed to pass the House of Commons three times before it was shelved, with critics on the Right of her party citing the Northern Ireland backstop as their main concern.

Chris wanted to take issue with the Conservative rhetoric surrounding the backstop, explaining that it had been designed by the Conservatives in the first place.

Andrew Castle, however, in attempting to trace back the origin of the Brexit issue, pointed to the fact there was never a vote on the Maastricht Treaty or other international agreements that took the UK into the EU.

Upon raising the fact that the Irish had at first rejected the Lisbon Treaty, Chris was forced to admit that the Irish were forced to vote again, and that Britain may soon face a similar choice.