Caller Defending "British Jobs For British Workers" Admits Paying Eastern European Employees Less

9 September 2017, 09:36 | Updated: 9 September 2017, 09:40

Tom said his Romanian staff work harder, for less, than their British counterparts.

This week Labour MP Owen Smith appeared on the Daily Politics show to pronounce he had “no problem with British jobs for British workers as an aspiration.”

Andrews Castle was discussing the phrase, which has permeated British politics, with Guardian columnist Rachel Shabi and Steven Woolfe, Independent MEP and former UKIP Migration Spokesman this morning when he received a call from Tom in Chelmsford.

Tom said there wasn't anything wrong with "British jobs for British workers," that "we have to prioritise British people in this country" and he "takes pride in going out and earning money for his family."

Tom said: "the English guys, they don&squot;t work as hard."
Tom said: "the English guys, they don't work as hard.". Picture: LBC

He deplored Britain's "benefit culture" where's "it's too easy to sit on our back sides and watch Jeremy Kyle."

"People don't want to go and do 'menial jobs.' I employ a team of 10 valets, one of them is an English guy. The rest of them are from Romania and other countries. They work their rear-ends off every single day."

Andrew asked: "Do you pay your foreign workers less than you would have to pay British workers?"

Tom: "[Laughter] Potentially yes. Look I work for a company that employs a separate company. I couldn't comment whether we do 100 per cent or not."

Andrew: "It's true isn't it mate, you pay them less. They help your business, by taking less out of your business and doing a fantastic job, right?"

Tom: "The one thing I would say contrary to that, is when they go home to see their families we do get in English guys - and they don't work as hard."

Watch the amazing clip in full above.