Trans caller reveals impact of banning trans women from female sport

2 May 2021, 12:11

By Seán Hickey

This caller backs calls to ban trans women from professional sports, but explains how blanket bans impact people lower down the ladder.

Pippa phoned in as Andrew Castle took calls on whether sports involving trans women and biological women should be segregated.

"I'm in two different camps on this," the caller said before sharing her personal experience.

"I've been banned by the FA from an Inspire league with women of my own ability even though my hormone levels are within the parameters of what the FA wants," she revealed.

"I can't do the game I love even though I'll never ever be a competitive player."

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Pippa clarified that "when it comes to competitive or professional sports then I agree – we shouldn't be allowed to play," but if such rules were to be implemented wholesale, there has to be infrastructure in place at grass root level.

"The FA do not have anybody in role to test my results" she explained, and even though her hormone levels permit her to play female sport she cannot because her results can't be verified.

Andrew couldn't believe the disparity in enforcement at amateur level. "You're going to need a lot of friends in your situation and make your own team," he quipped.

Pippa doubled down on the impact the decisions have made on her life: "It's my dream to play in a friendly tournament," she said, noting that her dreams have been crushed.

Andrew pushed the caller for a final word on the matter. "Is it fair or is it not fair?" He asked.

Allowing trans women to compete with biological women "in professional sports," the caller concluded, "it's not fair."