Caller 'so proud' of female pilot for landing plane 'amazingly' during Storm Eunice

19 February 2022, 15:55 | Updated: 19 February 2022, 17:16

By Seán Hickey

This caller told LBC Storm Eunice has allowed him to question his prejudices, after feeling nervous because the pilot on his flight was a woman.

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Storm Eunice wreaked havoc across the British Isles and plunged the travel plans of millions into uncertainty. Caller Mario told Andrew Castle he was arriving into the UK by plane yesterday in the thick of the storm and found himself questioning his own prejudices after the experience.

"How was the landing?" Andrew asked.

"It was brilliant."

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He opened up: "The pilot was a very young lady and I looked and I thought, you know what, in a storm, the worst for 30 years, I would have preferred the stereotypical 6'2 pilot that'd be able to hold the stick."

Despite his nerves, the caller admitted that "she landed it amazingly" and was as skilled a pilot as he'd ever flown with.

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"You're a terrible sexist for even thinking such a thing", Andrew teased, but the caller kept things serious.

"When she landed the plane, I was so proud of her", he said, noting that he felt immediate guilt for having such "old fashioned" thoughts.

He reiterated the skill of the pilot: "I'm not joking, there wasn't a bump", adding that "she landed it really, really well."

"I can't believe they're letting women fly aircraft!" Andrew joked yet again. "What's going on in this country next?"

"So they should!" The caller concluded. "They're better pilots."