Can coronavirus spread quicker around aeroplanes? Expert explains

2 March 2020, 15:47

LBC asked this expert if the superbug could spread more quickly around aeroplanes and airports.

With four more UK coronavirus cases confirmed today the total number of people infected is now 40.

Coronavirus has affected all but one country in western Europe after the first case was reported in Portugal.

Cabin crew member Jameela explained that the air on an aeroplane is recycled every ten minutes so it is 50% from the tanks of the plane and 50% from the outside.

"Really there isn't much danger of contracting any viruses in the aircraft," she said, pointed out there's more chance of contagion in the airport.

"Aeroplanes aren't the cleanest of environments but airlines are taking extra measures [such as] cleaning their planes regularly, using harsher products to clean, so I wouldn't really worry," she said.

Jameela said she's "not at all" worried about coronavirus: "If you are to get it, you'll get it."

However, she revealed, there are cabin crew members who are worried about the virus and are not turning up to flights.