Castle Slates Anti Business Sentiment In Britain

1 October 2016, 09:19 | Updated: 1 October 2016, 09:52

'This country was built on responsible capitalism.' Andrew Castle is sick of the anti business sentiment in Britain.

Talking on his LBC show he criticised the anti-business rhetoric on both sides of the political spectrum and said we should view starting companies in such a critical light.

“Well I worry about whether or not we are on the side of business in this country because it's important that we have big business. Big business is not bad.“

“I mean after some of the nonsense being spouted out of the Labour Party last week we’re going to get five hundred billion pounds worth of spending promises, corporation tax going up, a national investment bank but I mean honestly talk about politicians and real world.”

He said that sagas such as Sports Direct and BHS give business a bad name but that shouldn’t tarnish industry as a whole.

“People want to come here, why? I believe it's built upon responsible capitalism.”